Friday, July 10, 2009

Quercus sp. or Oak tree bonsai

Some of the quercus sp. types with a persistent leafage through the whole year have a powerful and leafy form, are capable in to resisting the most severe climatic conditions. Both cork and rock oak leaves from the face side are soft and smooth, having a dark green color, oval form, with the prickles on the edges, and from the inside the velvety surface of whitish color. The trees have a slow tempo in growth, which contributes to the formation of a very powerful trunk and surprisingly beautiful crowns, sometimes it makes an irregular open shape. Acorns - typical and recognizable fruits of oak. They are covered with brown rind with a small cap in the base of fruit.

Caring in vegetation period

They are moved out to dry and hot solar places, where they look noticeably. Cold winter, even when temperatures are below the freezing limit, doesn’t represent any threat for the oak, although, because of the limited volumes of the soil, in which the roots are developed, it should always be conceled. The minimum water supply and rare irrigations are possible only during complete drying of substratum with the ideal drainage of soil. The introduction of fertilizer is produced in spring and in autumn. Every one-two years repot, ensuring with dense clay basis with an addition of 1/3 of plant compost.

Styling the bonsai

The trimming of new flights should be spent in the end of the spring – beginning of summer They are moved away, when the first leaflets will just come out and the stem is not yet lignified. The lignified branches in winter are cut by the clean and final shear.

It is necessary to remove leaves fallen during the year and to brush the base of the stem of the rocky oak, because of the surplus of humidity green spots appear there. The increase of the plants is controlled by trimming, since their slow development and hardness of wood do not give effect with wiring, especially for the cork oak, which possesses a very vulnerable crust.

Illness and wreckers

Trees possess stability to the defeat by insects and by woodlice, although the medium with the increased humidity can lead to the defeat by fungus diseases. The propagation of powdery mildew must operationally be stopped, the tree is moved into a drier place, reducing the water supply, and after the removal of sick leaves spray away the appropriate fungicide.

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