Seasonal bonsai

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seasonal bonsai

The charm of the wooden tree is not only to its full splendor color of its crown, but also in the nude forms of the seasonal trees, which offer excellent decorative solutions, especially when the selected tree style represents aesthetic achievement, commendable.
To grow these trees in a container, you must know the characteristics of each instance, collect data that it requires and that it prefers, while being in the natural environment. For example, Birch (Betula Sp.) requires a lot of light and water in a dry and cool environment. Hornbeam (Carpinus Sp.) needs to be in the shadow, at least in the summer, and large quantities of water, not too hot and any dry climate. In the same time, to Willows (Salix Sp.) humidity must be permanent, it leaches flooding satellite water and prefers solar space with sharply continental climate.

Most of these species have a varied range of requirements that are broadly similar for all. Work on trimming a certain size of wood branches should be done in late winter when vegetable juice have not yet come up, and young shoots should be particularly frequently in spring and autumn to regulate the growth of leaves and twigs.

Typically, in each tree specie, there are several types suitable for containers, and you should choose those which have special nature for becoming a bonsai.
To the recommended eligibility requirements include: slow growth, small size and tiny leaves, while by aesthetic criteria (color leaves and flowers, appearance or crown form) they may not be suitable.
The specie that receives the necessary nutrition and attacked by pests or disease is more likely to survive than the plant grown in the wrong circumstances. Despite this, in each species there are specific diseases, which you need to know and recognize before they appear.

Other problems are because of overcrowding ornamental plants occur in the area of growing, which are transmitted from each other. Other causes are the conditions and lack of ventilation of abnormal moisture in plants. Selectable style cultivation of any kind of seasonal tree must be implemented on the basis of the extent prescribed by the nature.
The most practical and the recommended way to acquire new instances of a bonsai are already seedlings into close on the development of the grown plant in container. Particular pleasure represents cultivation of trees from seed, although it requires a lot of time to wait to grow by an adult bonsai.


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