Acer sp. - Maple Bonsai

Monday, November 23, 2009

Acer sp. - Maple Bonsai

Finally I have come to talk about my most adorable bonsai specie which is Acer sp. or Maple, which is from the fallen leaves trees class. The land of this tree is the northern hemisphere, with a cold or moderate climate of Europe, America and continent of Asia.
Maple has a trunk type look and does not grow tall. It has a good characteristic when we talk of bonsai: it has an intensive branching. There appears 2 powerful branches from each node. Acer sp. like the sun in almost of all cases, except some species which would appreciate a little shadow, but generally speaking it needs sunlight. Best of all for a maple suits a moderate damp climate, with no over watering, over heating, with minimal protection of cold weather and excessive hot and dryness summer. For a good developing of bonsai you should introduce some nutriments when watering in spring and fall, especially good for this are low dissolving nutriments.

Repoting and pruning would be good once in 2 or 3 years before the first sprouts appear. After repoting it shouldn't be introduced the nutriments at least before autumn.
Because of the fast growth of the sprouts, the nodes should be cut leaving about 2 nodes on each branch through the hole year as needed. In the end of winter the old branches should be cut, leaving the esthetical look of the hole bonsai. Leaf cutting should be done in the spring-summer period, cutting the biggest of these.
Japanese maple
If you would like to change the direction of the trunk or some branches or even to change the style of bonsai, you should carefully wire, securing the bark with rubber.
Some of the most typical types of maple, which are mostly usde in creating a bonsai are:
Acer buergerianum - Trident maple,
Acer monspessulanum - Montpellier maple,
Acer palmatum - Japanese maple or Smooth Japanese maple (my most adorable specie),
Acer rubrum - Red maple (and this one too).
Some photos of bonsai maple:
The worlds most famous Walter Pall's Trident Maple Bonsai
which won AOB Awards 2009 Grand Prize. Congratulations!!!!

Acer forest - something very special for me, a bonsai forest



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