My bonsai blog

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My bonsai blog

I dedicate this blog to Bonsai trees, of which I am kindly passionate. I even don't remember when I first time became a fan of this prehistoric art of Chinese/Japanese culture, but I am sure that my passion, as for all other nature loving humans, will be in my heart till the rest of my life.
Isn't it adorable to bring up a little piece of nature in your own home, by your own hands, taking care of it like a mother of a child.
I have circled internet for some time and I have seen a lot of information and pictures of Bonsai, and I decided to dedicate this blog, for those who are starting to get known with this piece-of-art
and would like to know much more about it's history and nature...


Vasile said...

Bine ai venit printre cei contaminati cu "vrusul bonsai".
Din Romania Satu Mare...Vasile

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