Can a bonsai tree be kept inside?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can a bonsai tree be kept inside?

From emailing:

I am growing the tree from Jack Pine seeds. The booklet I bought said to grow it outdoors, but it said on the cover that it could be kept on a desk. I am just making sure I don’t kill the poor little tree.

Also, Can I just let it grow naturally? Sure, it wouldn’t technically be a bonsai tree, but I don’t like the idea of manipulating a bady tree just for some weird form of art.

Thank you.

"Bonsai" is translated "tree in a pot", so a bonsai can be made from nearly ANY species of tree. It is designed to be a miniature tree in nature. Some species can be kept inside and some MUST be kept outside. A Jack pine MUST be kept outside so it can go dormant in the winter. Where do you live? That is important to know.


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