Do you have to soak bonsai tree seeds?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do you have to soak bonsai tree seeds?

From emails:

I recently got my new bonsai tree seed, and I’ve heard you need to soak the seeds before you plant them. Is that true? I also will take any other advice anyone can give me, or websites with helpful information.

A bonsai tree is any type of tree pruned or manipulated to keep it small. I have never heard of such a thing as a bonsai tree seed? Sounds like someone trying to make a buck, suckered you in. You can buy a small bare root evergreen seedling from any good nursery and have a better head start on a bonsai tree. They will probably have a wide variety to offer too. Then go to the local library and get information on how to wire, prune and shape your little tree.


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