Nick’s Poison Ivy

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nick’s Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy bonsai by Nick Lenz, who, in addition to be one of our most talented bonsai artists, is also a master of the unusual. This photo appears in Nick’s book, Bonsai from the Wild (Stone Lantern Publishing).

Nicknamed OSAMA

Nick Lenz calls his charming looking, but otherwise nasty little bonsai, OSAMA (no explanation needed).

Halloween bonsai

Though you may not take poison ivy bonsai seriously (or take it at all, for that matter), Nick does. Here’s a few of his words (lifted from his book): While poison ivy may be considered a Halloween bonsai, the species has great charm and interest, especially when fruiting. Unfortunately, my most cherished specimen was stolen by a very foolish teenager. Never pass up an outstanding trunk of this species and always pack latex gloves in your collecting kit.


Anonymous said...

Very very interesting... I've always wanted to grow poison ivy to see what could come from it... variegation, different coloring, something unique but still avoided none the less.

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