Backyard Bonsai

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Backyard Bonsai


This shot provides a glimpse of one small corner of of Michael Veith’s magical world. His living-in-art aproach, is a great way to integrate bonsai, gardening and much of the rest of what makes life interesting.

The iceburg’s tip

The photos here represent only a small piece of what you will find at Michael Veiths world of bonsai, gardens and art.


This shot from a little farther away places some bonsai in a larger context.


Bonsai can stand on its own too. This powerful Zelkova in full leaves is a picture of a lush vitality.


Bonsai and Japanese style gardening are a natural fit. And though there are no bonsai in this shot.


The artist at work on a large in ground "garden bonsai".


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