Saikei - Lakeside Planting

Friday, January 22, 2010

Saikei - Lakeside Planting


Lakeside with Lingering Snow, is my second picuture in a series of plantings from Toshio Kawamoto’s Saikei classic. The trees are the same as in my last post, the pot is almost the same and the landscape is similar, though this one is softer. The focal point, the large single mountain stone that elevates the planting from good to extraordinary, is enhanced by a little touch of snow. The author does not say what the snow is and it is hard to tell from the photo. Most probably, this is a Christmas Holidays artificial snow spray.
I would like to share knowledge about how to create lakeside saikei. If you look at the drawings from the book it is almost as if the author is inviting you to duplicate his work. If you do not have the book, don’t worry, I will be posting photos and the drawings.

Front schemata.

Bird’s eye view


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