New Year in Japan

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year in Japan

In Japan, the New Year is ushered nicely into place with a grand three day cleaning fest, in the first three days of January. It is more like a very early spring cleaning where you get way into the closets, the cupboards; and if you are in a bonsai nursery, it is lifting and cleaning underneath everything that has not seen light for a while. Basically, it is exhausting. In tribute to this, I did a day and a half of tidying and cleaning.

Otherwise, Crataegus Bonsai is getting its first green house. A rather simple hoop style house but with some added features that inevitably have added work. It wass been raining canines and felines, and the site I chose to put the green house has a slight slope. So I am sliping around out there with a fair amount of air and ground time included in the construction day. Five pounds of mud on each boot, at least. Waving metal sticks in the air while trying to stay upright, I had some sympathy for those in the battle of Agincourt. I doubt the French had the benefit of a shower afterwards.

Happy New Year, everyone, and best wishes for the new decade


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