Bonsai tree: courtyard nursery, azalea, Water elm

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bonsai tree: courtyard nursery, azalea, Water elm

The entrance gate to one of Vaughn Banting’s bonsai courtyards
Vaughn Banting was an artist, an adventurer and a friend to many people around the world. He was famous in Louisiana bonsai circles for his passion for bonsai. He was both a professional and an avid enthusiasts that devoted much of his life to bonsai, from his teenage years to his untimely passing in 2008.You can visit Vaughn’s website for a journey through his life and work. In addition to photos of Vaughn’s bonsai, and his friends and travels, there are some very telling before and after photos of Vaughn’s nursery that depict the ravages of Katrina.
Spring. You can tell by the azalea blossoms.
Still spring…
Winter. Notice all the trees hidden under the benches. If only it were that easy here in Vermont.
Bird’s eye view. You can see some bonsai peeking out above the fences. You can also see that Vaughn actually had two bonsai courtyards.
Vaughn with a Water elm (Planera aquatica) that he collected and styled.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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