Bonsai tree: Old School? New School? Or Just Lazy?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bonsai tree: Old School? New School? Or Just Lazy?

I found this monster on facebook. It was posted by Miano Vito. Actually, the photo I found is below; this is my cropped version.
A few questions, but nothing personal
1. Cigarette pack? I think this method for revealing scale originated in Japan back in the neolithic era.
2. Why didn’t he take five minutes to clean the filthy pot? Just lazy, or am I missing something?
3. Is this a Phoenix graft or the real thing? If it’s the real thing, then it is a true monster (in the positive sense). If it’s a Phoenix, it’s a minor monster (in the positive sense).
4. Why didn’t he crop it ? Lazy again?
Uncropped version. Just the way it appears on facebook. Is this an intentional glimpse into the real Miano Vito? Am I just hopelessly old school when I think that all the clutter only distracts from the tree? Most people who know me (and profess to love me) would agree that I’m old school and hopeless, but do we really need to know Miano’s license plate number?

Source: Bonsai Bark


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