Bonsai tree: Jinning: A Tidy Two Tool Tecnique

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bonsai tree: Jinning: A Tidy Two Tool Tecnique

The type is almost microscopic, so we’ll synopsize a bit (see below for a slightly magnified version): 2. Use a concave cutter to score around the base of the branch you are jinning. 3 and 4. Crush the bark with pliers. 5. Pull the bark off with your fingers. 6. Create a natural shape by using concave cutters to apply small cuts and to pull of the resulting wood threads (you can use pliers to pull the threads if you want). From a article by David Benavente in Bonsai Today issue 85.
I use a draw knife for jinning and carving. It’s a great tool; the more you use it, the more you realize just how versatile it can be. And of course, there are a host of other hand tools and power carving tools you can play with and achieve great results. Still, using just two very common tools (pliers and concave cutters) is an elegant solution, especially if your tool box is sparse.
This box of Flexcut carving tools includes a draw knife (on the left), an indispensable tool for a range of tasks. The other five tools all come in handy as well.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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