Bonsai tree:Trident maple reworking

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bonsai tree:Trident maple reworking

A trident that has grown too vigorously tends to have the thick, youthful branches that this tree shows. In June, a day before the juniper styling shown in the last post, this tree was pruned for a new structure. It will be defoliated several times a year to develop a more delicate branch ramification.

Before pruning, with wildly growing, thick branches.

A primary feature of this old tree is the fused root base.

The top was cut out, lowering the tree by about 8 inches. The remaining branches will soon be flushed with new shoots, which will be defoliated in about 40 days. This will bring more shoots, so that in one year's time ramification can build exponentially. I will post future photos of this tree as it progresses.


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