Bonsai tree: Inspired by the Master

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bonsai tree: Inspired by the Master


I found this striking forest-on-a-cliff on facebook. It was posted by Dario Ascoli. It caught my attention for two reasons: first it stands on its own as decent bonsai with good potential for further development, and second, it is reminiscent of a famous Hinoki forest by Kimura (see below). Though I can’t find any information on this (who’s the artist etc), I’d wager that the trees are also Hinokis.

Mature trees vs young trees

Though comparisons are often odious (and unfair, especially when it’s with Kimura), still, older trees make for much more interesting forests. In this case, Kimura’s hinokis (below) are not only mature, but also expertly styled; each one in accord with its size and position in the forest.


Another distinctive feature on the Kimura forest is the use of deadwood. It adds a touch of age and a sense of the struggle that you might expect trees to experience on a steep rocky mountain side.

Expert spacing and pruning help too

The spacing on the forest above is pretty good considering how many trees there are, but it is still a little crowded. Perhaps with time and a little jinning and pruning, it will open up a bit. You can see the advantage to a more open look on the Kimura forest. The maturity and power of the individual trees stands out, much the way you might expect in a inhospitable mountain environment.


This famous masterpiece hinoki forest is by Masahiko Kimura and is one of his favorites. The photo is by Morten Albek (author of Shohin Bonsai). It appears in The Magician: The Bonsai Art of Kimura 2.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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