Bonsai tree: story of a Larix decidua

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bonsai tree: story of a Larix decidua

This came into my garden early spring 2001, larix decidua from the Italian Alps.
 01 (2)

 the first 2 yrs were spent convincing the tree it didn’t need the large arial root you can see in the first 2 pics, I did this by building a box with 2 sections, one to contain the roots from the main base of the trunk, about 40% of the root mass, the other to contain the roots from the arial root, I kept this section as dry as possible, watering when the foliage showed signs of stress (wilting) and feeding and watering the other half very well.

Eventually the root mass from the main trunk was healthy enough to support the tree, I believed this because the other half of the box had remained dry for the last 3 months of Summer, and the tree didn’t mind. In the early spring of 2004 the tree went into it’s first bonsai pot, and a basic first styling.
The image was refined a little over that season and my thoughts turned to a pot, I wanted a fairly strong looking pot to stabalise the image, I also wanted to make them appear “made for each other” so decided to continue the weight of the trunk into the pot, by means of the shading within the glaze. This picture taken early spring 2005, still a few roots to tidy up.
05 larch
 I was very pleased with the result, and continue to refine the image, the change from winter image to new spring foliage and then golden yellow in Autumn make the larch one of my favourite species. A year later summer 2006
06 (2)
a few more pictures upto the winter image taken last week.
08 Larix decidua

09 april

09 Dec (2)

larch 2020


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