Bonsai tree: Finding the front – Japanese black pine

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bonsai tree: Finding the front – Japanese black pine

Source: Bonsai Tonight
Finding the front – Japanese black pine

The Japanese black pine pictured below hasn’t been re-styled in a long time. It’s healthy now, and ready for a change.

Currently, the foliage is heavy on both the left and right sides. The owner is hoping to emphasize one side over the other. The two outstanding questions: which front is the most effective? and in which direction should the tree flow – left or right?

Front #1

Front #1

Front #2

Front #3

The tree’s biggest obstacle is found at the base of the trunk. The tree has three main roots that emerge from the trunk before they spread out into finer roots. This potting position makes it look like the tree is balancing on two legs and a tail. The new potting angle will very likely minimize this effect.

Base of the trunk from the front

Detail – base of the trunk

The tree’s greatest asset is its age. This is best appreciated in the flakey bark along the trunk. The small aluminum wires are keeping the plates in place – they will be removed when the tree is next shown.

Trunk detail – great bark

Trunk detail – bark

Any suggestions?


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