Bonsai tree: Wouldn’t You Like to Find a Tree Like This?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Bonsai tree: Wouldn’t You Like to Find a Tree Like This?

Wouldn’t you like to find a tree like this when you are out collecting? This is a cropped version of
Autumn, by Giacomo Pappalardo. From his facebook wall photos. I assume it is Giacomo’s, though I find no mention of it anywhere; just the photo.

A trunk with everything

This funky (in the good sense) trunk has everything: shape, massive girth, aged bark, a natural looking hollow (sabamiki) and a perfect touch of deadwood. Though you could make an argument for hiding some of the trunk’s heaviness near the top (the dark hole above the jin), I imagine Giacomo decided to show it because it expresses even more of the tree’s age and character.

The uncropped original.

Suspiciously like a larch

Giacomo doesn’t say, but this gloriously aged, powerful little tree looks suspiciously like a larch. What other conifer has fall color (yellow no less)? And larch bark? I wonder which larch it is? European (Larix decidua)? Giacomo lives in Spain. Or maybe Japanese (L. kaempferi)? I imagine some Japanese larch have found their way to Europe, though this one definitely looks like a yamadori (collected in nature), so it’s more likely local. Anyone out there know more about this tree? Anyone care?

Though it’s not just about larches (that’s a Northern white cedar on the cover), still, this is the ultimate larch book, by the Larch Master, Nick Lenz. Available at Stone Lantern (discounted, no less).

Source: Bonsai Bark


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