Bonsai tree: Alive & Well in Rio

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bonsai tree: Alive & Well in Rio

We haven’t done anything with our calendar of events for a while, so what better way to start catching up, than with a good excuse to visit Rio.

Projeto Bonsai

The other day, in our ongoing quest to discover new bonsai information sources, events, galleries, etc, I stumbled upon Projeto Bonsai. I wasn’t familiar with them, but from the looks of things, they are doing what they can to keep bonsai alive and well in Rio de Janeiro.

Returning a favor

Two things caught my eye: the graphic above, with its promising, freshly carved little tree, and a review of Robert Callaham’s Satsuki Azalea book (published by Stone Lantern) with a link to Stone Lantern. So we decided to return the favor.

Here’s a photo of Carlos Tramujas’ book and a link to a excellent site on Carlos and his nursery. The photo below is the aforementioned Satsuki Azaleas by Robert Callaham.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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