Bonsai tree: Happy New Year from a Bonsai Artist with a Magic Touch

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bonsai tree: Happy New Year from a Bonsai Artist with a Magic Touch

This dazzling digital New Year’s card is from our friend and colleague, Robert Steven.

Contributor, friend, colleague…

I just did a quick count; Robert Steven’s name appears in 65 of the 500 or so Bonsai Bark posts so far. A large percentage of these are Robert’s now famous bonsai critiques. Robert is also a business partner of sorts. We (Stone Lantern) are distributors of Robert’s excellent Bonsai Aesthetics tools and bonsai wire as well as his ground breaking bonsai books, Vision of My Soul & Mission of Transformation. All this adds up to relationship that benefits Stone Lantern and Bonsai Bark, and hopefully benefits you as well.

…and world class bonsai artist

It’s Robert’s artist’s vision, daring, wealth of bonsai knowledge and magician’s touch with bonsai that really defines who Robert is, at least in our world of bonsai. If you take a look at the tree above, you’ll catch a sense of what I mean. If you explore further, the evidence will continue to mount.

It’s now official, 2012 is upon us. All of us who are part of the Stone Lantern family, would like to wish you a Cheerful, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

One of our earliest posts (way back in 2009) about Robert Steven featured this Penjing planting from Mission of Transformation.

This simulation of a Trident maple is from one of our earliest critiques by Robert (September 2010).

Source: Bonsai Bark


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