Bonsai tree: Lime Sulfur: A Story with a Happy Ending

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bonsai tree: Lime Sulfur: A Story with a Happy Ending

How many bottles of lime sulfur were used on this monster? I find this tree to be compelling in so many ways (much has to do with shear size, power & no small amount of detail). Still, is the foliage a little too manicured and the deadwood overwrought? I’m sure there are some purists out there who might say something like that, and there’s some sense to these observations, especially if you feel that bonsai should look like trees in nature. But still… why sweat the small stuff when you’re looking at one of the more imposingly powerful bonsai you’ve ever seen (can you imagine what it looks like in real time and space?). I found the photo on the Internet Bonsai Club. It was taken by Ed van der Reek at the Noelanders’ Trophy 2012. I don’t know who the tree belongs to.

The good news

It looks like lime sulfur is back (turns out, it was never really gone). Rather than me confuse the issue more than I already have, here’s the latest from Colin Lewis (Jin Seal lime sulfur is one of his Hô Yoku Bonsai Care Products):

“Lime sulfur must now be registered by each manufacturer individually in every state, not just one national blanket registration, and the fees are not cheap. It simply is not cost effective for manufacturers to do this. You may have a manufacturer in your state who has registered in your state, but I doubt they have registered in all fifty. If they haven’t, and they ship out of state, they’re breaking the law.

However, I have now reached an arrangement with the largest manufacturer that enables me to legally purchase stock and resume wholesale supplies of JinSeal.”

Source: Bonsai Bark


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