Bonsai tree: Shohin Bonsai: Majesty in Miniature

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bonsai tree: Shohin Bonsai: Majesty in Miniature

Shohin Bonsai: Majesty in Miniature is, I believe, the first shohin bonsai book ever published in English. It is written by one of the foremost experts of shohin bonsai in the world. I had high expectations of this book, and was not disappointed. Morten Albek has a way of writing that is very easy to read and understand. As this is one of the first shohin bonsai books, it assumes that the reader knows very little about caring for and creating shohin-sized trees. On the other hand, it also offers great information for the seasoned bonsai enthusiast.

The book is organized into 10 well thought out chapters. These include An Introduction to Shohin Bonsai, Growing, Shaping and Styling Techniques, Aesthetics, and A Working Calendar. One of my favorite chapters follows the creation of a shohin bonsai step by step, from raw stock to “finished” bonsai. Also included is a comprehensive species guide with care tips and tricks for a variety of shohin bonsai.

Morten Albek is truly a master bonsai artist and a talented photographer. This book has the most awe-inspiring, amazing, crisp and detailed photographs of bonsai that I have ever seen. It is a shame that this book is only offered in softcover. Call me a snob, but books like this one should be preserved with a hard cover. This book is great for everyone, from those who just enjoy great bonsai photographs to bonsai fanatics of all skill levels to those that want to know more about shohin sized bonsai.

Disclosure: I agreed to write this review and received the book for a discounted price. I will always tell you the truth about anything I review, free or not.


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