Bonsai tree: Weeky Wire: World Bonsai Day, Free Bonsai Wire, Kokufu, Boon’s Tips & Much More

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bonsai tree: Weeky Wire: World Bonsai Day, Free Bonsai Wire, Kokufu, Boon’s Tips & Much More

Who could ask for more? It wasn’t too long ago we led off a Weekly Wire with a Gedemerta Bonsaibali tree. Now, we’ve gone and done it again. I’m guessing you can see why. Aside from the wildly expressive deadwood, the well-aged textured beauty of the bark, the trunk’s powerful base and perfect taper, the tree’s radiant health, the near perfect play between balance and movement; the photo is also very well done. Who could ask for more?




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World Bonsai Day. Did you know that May 12th is designated the second annual World Bonsai Day by the World Bonsai Friendship Federation? I found this worthy piece of information on the U.S. National Bonsai & Penjing Museum’s 2012 calendar. Take a look for yourself, you might find something you like. Better still, put a visit to the Museum on YOUR calendar.

International Calendar. Speaking of the World Bonsai Friendship Federation & calendars, here’s one you might like.


I actually found the piece on the World Bonsai Friendship Federation (above) on the South African Bonsai Association website. Here’s part of what the South African Bonsai Association has to say about itself: The South African Bonsai Association is a body for affiliated clubs and individual members to promote and grow the hobby of Bonsai. We are an elected body of executives chosen to manage the affairs of SABA.Our main objective is to promote co-operation between South Africa Bonsai and Associated arts and International Bonsai, irrespective of race, colour, creed or national origin for the purpose of improving the art, skills and image of Bonsai.

Boon’s Tips

Are you familiar with Boon’s Tips? If not, here’s a little taste to whet your appetite. For the rest of this tip and to enjoy Boon’s highly informative site, visit Bonsai Boon.

The Atlanta Bonsai Society has announced its next schedule of artists-lecturers: Sunday, Feb.26, Ted Matson; March 25, Kathy Shaner; April 29, Roy Nagatoshi. The Spring Show will be May 19-20, and Ryan Neil will be the judge. All events are held at Piedmont Park, 1345 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta. The public is welcome.

International Bonsai Mirai

Defining Concepts Pine Course

with Ryan Neil

March 2 to 4th

Portland Oregon (vicinity)

The Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society is looking good, with a quality website that features a full schedule with the likes of David Knittle (I think you’ve missed that one unless you are already there), Jim Doyle, Bill Valavanis, John Romano and perhaps some others (under Possible Speakers). They also do a fair bit of traveling with visits to David Easterbrook’s Montreal nursery and a trip to Massachusetts to visit Royal Bonsai (that’s Suthin’s place) and New England Bonsai (my old stomping grounds).

Kokufu, the world’s most famous bonsai show. Somebody took a picture of Peter Tea (one of our favorite apprentices) taking a picture at this year’s Kokufu-ten. I think this is after Peter and numerous others finished setting the show up; before the doors were open to the public.

Pedro Morales‘ Tropical Bonsai School: Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico

Escuela De Bonsai Tropical
ANUNCIA nuevos grupos en Puerto Rico. Comenzando el 27 de abril (Viernes) Nuevo grupo de 1er Año. Y comenzando el 29 de Abril (Domingo) Nuevo grupo de 2do Año. El grupo de los viernes y sábado de primer año comienza a las 7:00pm y el de los domingos de 2do año comienza a la 1:00pm. Para mas información se comunican conmigo. Saludos.

Nothing to do with bonsai really, but still….

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