Bonsai tree: Cliff Dwellers & NEW Bonsai Tools

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bonsai tree: Cliff Dwellers & NEW Bonsai Tools

Nature does it just right. This breathtaking photo is by Mario Komsta. No need to try to collect this beauty, it’s perfect right where it is.

These attractive Bonsai Aesthetics tools are every bit as good as their Japanese counterparts and they are more affordable. For example, your price on this set of 3 is only 14.95. Each one is also offered individually. Bonsai Aesthetics is owned by Robert Steven. Robert, one of world’s foremost bonsai artists, personally stands behind every one of his tools.

NEW tools at Stone Lantern

We’ve been bringing new bonsai and garden tools from Japan and China lately (with more in the works). As always, we’ll keep working to keep our prices low, our service prompt and of course, our quality high.

NEW. Masters’ Grade High Carbon Steel Bonsai Shears by Tsuyomitsu. Though our Koyo bonsai shears are quite good, we’ve decided to go up another notch with these sweet cutting gems.

This fine tooth new folding saw by Bonsai Aesthetic is perfect for large branches and tough roots. Though it’s hard to believer that such quality could be so affordable, our deeply discounted price is only 9.95.

Visit Stone Lantern for a vast selection of quality bonsai tools and bonsai supplies at the lowest prices anywhere.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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