The Formal Bonsai Forest

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Formal Bonsai Forest


Finished for now. Three years after planting. Masahiko Kimura styled this Ezo spruce (Picea Glehnii) planting with a high mountain stand of conifers in mind. You may also notice how Kimura enhanced the feeling of age by removing or jining about half of the limbs. Trees tend to shed limbs as they age. This is especially true of trees in forests where growth folows light.


An intermediate stage. One year after planting and two years before the top photo. It’s quite powerful at this stage, wires and all. Notice how all the trees are almost perfectly straight and vertical. The look isn’t completelly natural yet but still prety impresive.


Freshly planted. Kimura started with inexpensive, untrained trees. The placement of each tree is carefully thought out to create a natural feel. We will discuss some of the concepts behind placement in future posts.


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