Ficus Gallery

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ficus Gallery

This powerfuly built gem is from Ficus, the Exotic Bonsai. It looks like to be a Benjamina cultivar.

Big ficus fan
If you want to grow bonsai indoors, you will be hard pressed to find subjects beter suited than ficus, though some varieties are better suited than others. I have also had some luck with the Willow Leaf ficus. If you have any experience with other varieties, let us know.

This is a large Willow leaf ficus with some impresive aerial roots.

This is a large Benjamina with a well developped nebari.

This is a simple Willow leaf planting. Though it is far from a masterpiece, it does have some charm and is the type of project that almost any beginner might attempt and that's for sure.


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