Bonsai Grafting Technique

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bonsai Grafting Technique


All you need is a good sharp grafting knife and willingness to experiment.

An easy way to add a branch
The technique shown here allows you to keep the roots of the scion until it takes an obvious advantage.


The part you want is the branch growing of the right of the trunk. Notice the slit to left of that branch.

graft2This picture shows where the scion will be grafted on. In the left part of the drawing the bark has been removed down to the cambium layer. In the right part of the drawing a notch has been made to receive the scion.


Joined. The two notches fit together. Two small nails are used to hold the graft together in place. When the graft has healed and you are sure that it has taken, you can separate the new branch from its trunk and roots and use a concave cutter and a chisel to clean up the remaining stubs.


Some grafting tools: the knife and chisels are essential.


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