Organizing a bonsai show

Friday, February 5, 2010

Organizing a bonsai show

Step-by-step instructions for organizing a bonsai exhibit, bonsai sold separately.
1. Get a truck for the supplies.
One truck packed – Boon’s happy
2. Get another truck for the trees.
John and I carefully pack the truck
3. Set up the backdrops.
John, Jeff and Vince are champs at setting up backdrops
4. Apply table dressing
Sam, Marie, Scott, and Janet spread out the felt – light blue, like Kokufu
Backdrops ready to go
5. Gather stands.
We tend to bring more than we need – it helps setting up the displays
6. Set up the displays.
We usually begin with the biggest trees, the stands make good placeholders
Here a fine art/suiseki display is taking shape complements of Mas Nakajima.
We keep the trees off to one side until we’re ready for them.
We protect the stands by applying felt to pot feet.
Accents complete the display
7. Judge the show
We divide the trees into like groups and vote for the winners.
It’s a good learning exercise – and fun!
8. Place the awards.
Members’ Choice Award – small deciduous & broadleaf
9. Point a lot.
Jim rallies the troops.
10. Ponder the finer points of display.
The serious business of bonsai
11. Hold an auction.
Tom holding a juniper for sale
Our barker extraordinaire, Chris Johnston.
12. Shoot the show.
Taking good pictures makes a big difference. We owe Eric great thanks for managing this for us.

For bonus points, try:
  • printing programs
  • hosting a vendor area
  • encouraging club sales
  • serving tea and snacks
  • breaking even


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