Bonsai Gallery - Bonsai over/on rock

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bonsai Gallery - Bonsai over/on rock


This group of Needle junipers on a large rock won the first prize at Sakufu-ten #12.

Root-on-rock or root-over-rock
The bonsais shown in this post are all root-on-rock, which means that the roots are growing in soil that is in pockets in the rock. Root-over-rock is where the rock sits in soil in a pot and the roots are trained to grow down over the rock and into the soil. I will do a post on these later.


Here’s another Needle juniper with an azalea and some others.


And one more.


Root-over-rock. Here is a some what fuzzy example of root-over-rock, that comes from Noelanders Throphy XI. You can see one root than snakes down the side of the rock. It is actually functioning as trunk now; roots that are exposed to air will grow bark and become part of the trunk. This only works if the tips of the root are in soil. If the whole root, including the tips, is exposed to air for more than a few minutes, tips and all will begin to die.


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