Bonsai tree: Phemna microphylla root over rock

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bonsai tree: Phemna microphylla root over rock

I found this unusual little gem in Shohin Bonsai Europe’s Guest Gallery - it's a Phemna microphylla. It’s by Tedy Boy of Indonesia. The crown and the rest of the foliage seem to be almost disembodied, like floating in space. I think that’s because you can’t see where it attaches to the trunk. To add to the eccentric flavor, the background and funky plastic stand are pink. It’s not everyday you see a bonsai with a pink stand shot against a pink background.

Source:  Bonsai Bark


Anonymous said...

It's a champion bonsai! The rock looks exactly like part of a mountain, and the foliage hangs just like it would over a chasm. Wonderful!!!

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