Bonsai tree: Accent Photo Gallery

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bonsai tree: Accent Photo Gallery

A few of the blooming accent plants, one stone and a shoe on my benches outside:

One of the Northwest native (and legally collectable) orchids, Giant Helleborine. In a pot it only reaches a few inches, and the flowers are about 3/4". Lives near rivers. Easy to grow.

One of the Saxifrage family, Heuchera.

A stonecrop... on a stone.

A dwarf Iris with one last bloom. These tend to be the equivalent for slugs to creme brulee, and I could never find the one that was happily nibbling on this one.

Another Saxifrage. This in one of my old pots that I had designed as a 'boat' pot, but which I've since been corrected is an 'iron.' As in for ironing clothes. You can learn a lot from students if you listen up.

Off in the hinterlands collecting trees, I came up empty-handed. And then I found this water stone. A no tree day, but a one stone day. A good day.

And this one is not really an accent although I have it out there between the bonsai along with the other accents. I could tell some story like 'Well, the boot never did fit.' But actually I bought it at an estate sale.


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