Bonsai tree: Nothing Compares to Shin-Boku

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bonsai tree: Nothing Compares to Shin-Boku

Shin-Boku Nursery from the air. You can’t tell, but almost every one of the plants in this photo are specimen quality Japanese garden trees. Some are ten or fifteen feet tall, others are potential bonsai. All are old and range from excellent to amazing.

Here’s what Doug Roth, the publisher and editor of the Journal of Japanese Gardening has to say: “Shin-Boku Nursery is the finest Japanese garden tree nursery in North America.”
Yesterday I visited Baker Valley Nursery for the forth or fifth time. Both Shin-Boku and Baker Valley are owned and operated by Palmer Koelb, who happens to be one of the most friendly people I know and one of best nurserymen anywhere. If you don’t believe me, visit Palmer and Shin-Boku and Baker Valley Nurseries, and see for yourself.
Baker Valley Nursery from the air. Baker Valley and Shin-Boku are both in Wentworth NH and both are owned and operated by Palmer Koelb. BTW: Baker Valley is for sale  if you know anyone who wants to own some of the most amazing trees anywhere.
One of the smaller trees at Shin Boku. Mitch’s Weeping Scot’s Pine (Pinus sylvestris).

Baker Valley is Palmer’s primary growing area. It’s full of old specimen conifers (almost all in the ground) that Palmer propagated in the early eighties. The trees at Shin Boku are ones that have been dug at Baker Valley, root pruned (many are also top pruned) and put into very large containers. Both nurseries are worth a visit if you live anywhere wthin ten thousand miles.
One of the larger trees at Shin Boku.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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