Bonsai tree: Bay Area Satsuki Aikokai 16th Annual Exhibit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bonsai tree: Bay Area Satsuki Aikokai 16th Annual Exhibit

The Bay Area Satsuki Aikokai (BASA) held their 16th Annual Exhibit on May 22 & 23, 2010, at the Lakeside Garden Center in Oakland, California. It was another colorful exhibit – here are some of the trees that were on display.
Chiyo no Homare
Hana Botan
Kanuma no Mai
Shiryu no Homare
For comparison’s sake, here are some photos from BASA’s 2009 exhibit.

As a practical guide for visitors new to satsuki azalea bonsai, BASA provided a view to what lies inside the pot. Next to a very large tree in a very large pot, the jar pictured below showed blocks of foam covered by large kanuma, small kanuma, and finally a generous layer of moss. This was the mix recommended by Suisho Nakayama. A number of fortunate BASA members regularly study with Nakayama, one of Japan’s recognized azalea experts, several times a year.
Kanuma, moss, and foam
Yama goki is the beautiful Mountain moss found in Japan. I find it tough to grow in my end of the San Francisco Bay Area. White sphagnum moss has the virtue of not growing when placed atop bonsai soil. This makes it a great candidate for preserving moisture in the soil below.
Yama goki (Mountain moss) and Australian sphagnum moss
I’ve seen a number of educational displays like these at bonsai shows in recent years. It’s a great trend – I’m looking forward to seeing more in future shows.


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