Bonsai tree: Accenting bonsai

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bonsai tree: Accenting bonsai

Source: Bonsai Tonight
Accenting bonsai

The East Bay Bonsai Society’s 49th annual show featured the kinds of bonsai accents one would expect – including flowering plants and suiseki – and a few that one wouldn’t. One of my favorites was a simple planting in a ceramic pot with a handle.


Accent in ceramic basket

Fern accent

Tiny accent in great pot

A small grass stuck out for its name: “Teena Turner grass.”

‘Teena Turner grass’ (sic)

Turns out that ‘Tina Turner Grass’ is more than a cute name – it’s a cultivar of Scirpus cernuus.

The show also featured some wonderful suiseki, including a snow-capped mountain range.






What most caught my attention, however, was a display featuring a coast redwood.

Coast redwood with bottled beer, paperback fiction, and electronic accoutrement

Accent matériel

Remote as accent

Coast redwood with novel stand

For all of its novelty, something about the display struck me as familiar. I checked through some photos and found what I was looking for at this year’s BABA show. Thanks, Tim, for another fun display.


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