Bonsai tree: Now Back (It’s No Secret)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bonsai tree: Now Back (It’s No Secret)


Bonsai Secrets by Peter Chan is back in print, new cover, excellent contents, and all.

Perfect for beginning to intermediate enthusiasts

Bonsai Secrets covers pretty much all of the ground you would expect in a beginner’s book, as well as some more advanced ground (well, advanced from the beginner’s point of view), like: creating good taper, field-growing techniques, rock planting, displaying and exhibiting, creating jin & shari, air-layering, wabi sabi in bonsai design and more.

And the timing is perfect

Beginner’s books have been dropping like the oak leaves that cover my front yard. Simon & Schuster is gone, Pocket Bonsai is gone, Choosing and Growing Bonsai is gone, Grow Your Own Bonsai is gone, and… well, you get the drift.

C2011front2011 Japanese Bonsai Calendar. Okay, it’s a little expensive (the dollar isn’t all that strong, paper has gone up and so has freight from Japan), and your shipping costs are a little high (our system works for most items but lightweight items that are shipped alone are a little steep). However, if you order yours along with other items (almost all our items are on special), the shipping rates work better, and, if you order is over $50 you get another discount. Not bad after all.

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