Bonsai tree: Talkin ‘Bout Tools: Shears

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bonsai tree: Talkin ‘Bout Tools: Shears

Koyo Masters’ Grade Sword Shears. If you try them, you’ll love them. I do a lot of field growing, so a tool like this that allows for quick work (but can make surprisingly fine cuts) is perfect for the job.

Was $144.55 now $109.20

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Competition on the web is fierce and the old days of 100% markups are over. So we’ve been steadily lowering our prices at Stone Lantern. Now they are virtually at wholesale levels and we intend to keep them that way.

Koyo 8″ Kiri Bonsai Shears. Another of my favorites. It’s almost a bud shear and standard bonsai shear rolled into one: the blade is fine enough for your delicate work, yet strong enough for good sized cuts.

Was $25.40 now $17.35

Okatsune Masters’ Grade Pine Thinning Shears. If you ask gardeners in Japan, they’ll tell you that Okatsune makes the best hand tools anywhere. This one is designed to allow you to cut pine candles and small branches without crushing needles. Beyond that, I find it to be perhaps the best all around light weight (amazingly light weight) pruning tool I’ve ever tried.

Was $69.00 now $52.55

8″ All-purpose Scissors. Chinese cutting tools are getting better and better, as witnessed by this surprisingly sharp and durable little tool. If you are a beginner who’s just testing the bonsai or flower arranging waters, this is tool provides you and excellent and very affordable way to start. Was $7.20 now $4.70

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