Bonsai tree: Planning Ahead: Francois Is Returning

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bonsai tree: Planning Ahead: Francois Is Returning

I picked this pine (Scot’s?) up off of Francois Jeker’s website. I had a feeling we’ve used it before (we’ve posted around 1,000 bonsai on this blog so far, so it’s hard to keep track) and sure enough, we used a slightly different version of it exactly one year ago today to promote Francois’ 2010 visit to Rosade Bonsai Studio (auspicious coincidence, eh?). It’s a classic yamadori and even though it doesn’t show too much of Francois’ masterful carving, I like it’s simplicity and power. Altogether a very handsome tree (and in an amazingly small pot).

Return engagement

Francois Jeker, bonsai artist, author (Bonsai Aesthetics), teacher and renowned deadwood carver is returning the Rosade Bonsai Studio, June 2-4. I know that seems like it’s a ways off, but it’s really not. Besides, it’s good to plan ahead.

Francois and friends at Rosade Bonsai Studio in 2010 (Francois, Solita, man in blue shirt, and Chase).

Something to think about. It should be a great weekend.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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