Bonsai tree: Draw! (Your Bonsai)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bonsai tree: Draw! (Your Bonsai)

This excellent bonsai drawing looks like a Japanese black pine, but that’s just a guess. As you can see, it and the others in this post are by Eduardo Guedes. Another worthy facebook find. (Note: the copy below is from an earlier Bonsai Bark post, but the drawings in this post are all first timers).

You can do it!

It’s vacation time here, so I’ll borrow a little copy from last year: We’ve featured bonsai drawings way back in the early years of Bonsai Bark (2009). We still think it’s a good idea and suggest you try your hand at it. Contrary to the pervasive poverty mentality many of us have about these things, you can do it if you just take your time. The drawings (you can call them sketches if that helps) don’t have to be perfect, and with almost any genuine attempt, you’ll learn something about your bonsai.

Not a bad rendition (note for none native English speakers: “Not a bad” often means excellent). Also by Eduardo.

Another Japanese black pine? Speaking of, the 2nd printing of our Japanese pine book is due in two or three weeks.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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