Bonsai tree: Bonsai Bark Weekly Wire

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bonsai tree: Bonsai Bark Weekly Wire

Boon Manakitivipart (Bonsai Boon) discovered this muscular Kuromatsu on his latest trip to Japan. You can visit Bonsai Tonight for more.

Something new

A while back we tried to get a bonsai calendar off the ground. After what seemed like lack of interest from our readers, we abandoned the idea. Now we have another idea, it’s related to the calendar notion, but more expansive. We’ll call it Bonsai Bark Weekly Wire for now. Rather than try to explain, we’ll just get started and see where it goes.

This year’s BCI tour is timed to coincide with two of the world’s truly top tier bonsai events, the  ASPAC Convention and the Taikan-ten.

Ryan Neil’s International Bonsai Mirai is offering a series of Defining Concepts Pine Courses in Oregon.

Ryan’s fellow Oregonian Michael Hagedorn (a Bonsai Bark frequent flyer) has been waxing philosophical (in a very readable way) with his Sight of the Blind Mind on Crataegus Bonsai.

Bonsai Aiaichien’s 115 year old ume. From a tip by Jonas (Bonsai Tonight).

Walter Pall is featuring a remarkable seven year transformation of what started as a ordinary European black pine.

The always friendly folks at New England Bonsai just keep offering their Bonsai Workshops. From basics right on up.

This freshly potted Premna penjing planting is by Robert Steven. Last we heard from Robert he was in Namibia (two days ago). Given Robert’s prolific accomplishments and his ceaseless travels, I’m not sure if he ever rests. Among other things, Robert is the author of two of our most popular (and most informative) bonsai books.

Last but not least. Bill doesn’t have all the details up on his site yet, but you can call or email him. And of course, you can always mark it on your calendar.

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