Bonsai tree: Preparing a young black pine for show

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bonsai tree: Preparing a young black pine for show

Source: Bonsai Tonight

“Show trees are full trees,” Boon tells us. In need of a second tree to display with my root over rock trident maple, I searched my garden for full trees. I found one, but it was clear that not all full trees are show trees.

Before styling

Japanese black pine

My optimistic side figured that some selective wiring and needle pulling could prepare the tree for show. After finishing this work, I found myself on the fence.

After wiring

After selective wiring and needle plucking

Being on the fence, it turns out, didn’t fill the gap next to my trident maple – the tree was going in the show.

After repotting

After repotting

A relatively new Yamaaki pot I found in Japan turned out to be a good fit for the pine. And although it’s not as developed as I’d like for a show tree, it’s not too far off. Later this year I’ll reduce the silhouette, especially on the left side, to get the branches in better sync with the trunk. If all goes well, I’ll show it again at Bay Island Bonsai’s 15th annual exhibit, “Made in the USA” – a bonsai exhibit featuring no imported trees.

If you missed Tuesday’s post, you can see the tree as displayed at the 2012 BIB exhibit.


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