Bonsai tree: More Rare Out-of-Print Bonsai Todays

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bonsai tree: More Rare Out-of-Print Bonsai Todays


We just purchased an entire collection of Bonsai Todays from a long time bonsai maven who lives right here in northeastern Vermont. Many are rare out-of-print issues (some are very rare) and most are now up our site. We only have one copy of most (we do have a few doubles and even triples, but not many), so don’t wait.

In print and out

We still have over fifty issues of Bonsai Today that are what we call in-print. This just means we still have ones that have never been sold. They have been sitting in our warehouse and are just like new, even though they might be as much as fifteen years old. These in-print issues are less expensive than the used out-of-print issues.

So rare

Some out-of-print issues are so rare that we almost never see one. This is particularly true of some of the very early issues (especially the single digit ones). Issue number 2 (above) is the rarest of all. This is because many of them were water damaged on their ocean journey from the printer to our warehouse.

Source: Bonsai Bark


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